Saturday, September 07, 2002

CBS News | Air Patrols Resume Over NYC And DC | September 7, 2002 09:41:20
Officials hadn't planned on starting the patrols again until next week's 9/11 anniversary, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Stewart. They’ll continue indefinitely.

But Stewart says the early resumption may be related to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies detecting increased "chatter" or communications among known al Qaeda operatives.

One senior official described the chatter to Stewart as "terrorist electronic and internet intercepts," some of which are in the form of morale boosting messages such as, "Stay tuned. Good news is on the way."

Much of the increased chatter is taking place in Afghanistan and began to spike in volume earlier this week. It suggests an impending attack against the U.S. or its allies, but contains no specifics, the officials say.
Time to watch, and wait. Be aware...